Hoosier Heart!

Conservative principles, personal responsibility, the dignity of every individual, and a truly FREE market. That’s how to build an economy and restore our Republic. That’s why I’m running for congress and I promise to serve faithfully with a strong work ethic, humility, and GRIT!

Job Creator

In Congress, I will continue to pursue my mission of creating high-quality jobs and removing obstacles for hardworking Hoosiers.

Civic Leader

I value legislation that improves the lives of the people in my district and Hoosiers across the state.

Family & Faith

My faith and family have inspired me to lead with a servant’s heart and show genuine care to each person.

Is Ready

to Lead on Key Issues

  • Rebuild our economy from the ground up with real world job training programs.
  • Invest in national defense and challenge the rise of communist China.
  • Finish building the wall and ensure a safe and secure southern border with Mexico.

Is Passionate

About ending generational poverty

Goodrich authored a law allowing students to receive internships and skills training that would not affect their family’s eligibility for benefits. This model provides a plan for young people to move from government assistance to a good-paying job.

Serving Our Community

Chuck Goodrich was born and raised in the small town of Roann, Indiana with conservative, Midwestern values. Hard work, humility and grit are at his core. These same values are how he raised his own family in Noblesville these past twenty-eight years. Chuck has been married to Tricia for more than thirty years and they have four children and one grandchild.

Chuck Goodrich started as an intern at Gaylor Electric, working his way up through the company over decades and finally purchasing the business from his best friend, John Gaylor. While leading Gaylor Electric, Goodrich initiated a program to allow high school students to receive vocational training with his company while completing their high school education, providing young people with real world skills to be employable upon graduation.

Join Us!

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